Building a Better Brain

by Dr. Ted Fish / January 01st 2020

How do you become the greatest quarterback in the NFL? The answer is not what you might think.

Patrick Mahomes, the brilliant, Super Bowl winning quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, ascended to the pinnacle of his profession, because he refused to think of himself as a football player. In high school, he saw himself as a baseball player and a basketball player. And you can see the imprint of those influences on his game – his ability to throw from multiple angles across his body like a shortstop, or to read the play before it develops and shuck no-look passes like a point guard. Read more in this fascinating article in the Post.

Mahomes, it turns out, is not an anomaly. There is an emerging body of research, highlighted in the book Range by author David Epstein that eschews too early specialization in favor of being a generalist, effects that may even bear out over the course of an entire productive life.

How can we gain an edge in an era that requires innovation, pattern recognition, and cognitive flexibility? By investing deeply in a variety of pursuits and activating the adaptive power of the brain!

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